Vents and Hoods

Custom fabricated AC vents can be done by Thompson Metal in Dallas Texas

Vents are used to aid in a variety of areas. Vents can range from A/C ductwork to attic ventilation pipes, wall vents or roof vents. Vent-a-Hoods are a vent system used to divert heat, vapors, and fumes out and away from their source; primarily found in kitchens above stovetops. All of these and more can be fabricated in galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, painted steel, stainless steel and bonderized steel.


custom fabricated scupper

Scuppers are used to provide an outlet through parapet walls or gravel stops on flat and built-up roofs to allow drainage of excess water. They can be used in conjunction with gutters and downspouts to divert the flow to the desired location.

Custom Planters

custom fabricated planters for your home or business by thompson metal in Dallas TX

Custom planters can create beautiful landscapes, increase property values, and create beautiful and sectioned gardenscapes for a home or project. We fabricate custom flower pots and planters out of aluminum, galvanized steel, bonderized steel, cold rolled steel and painted steel.


custom fabricated finials from thompson metal in Dallas TX

A finial is a decorative accent used to emphasize the apex of a dome, spire, tower, roof, or gable. Our fabrication shop can custom make finials to match an existing one or create a new style.

Dormers / Louvers

Get custom fabricated dormers and louvers at Thompson Metal in Dallas TX

A dormer is a structure that makes up part of certain roofs. A dormer consists of a small roofed structure attached to the main portion of the roof. Dormers can be seen as a protruding section of roof that provides ventialtion and lighting for attics. They can also house windows and provide a beautiful way to allow light into a slanted ceiling section of the home. We are able to fabricate a wide vareity of simple to intricate dormers made from copper, galvanized, bonderized, and painted steel.


Thompson Metal can custom fabricate cupolas for any job.

Cupolas are relatively small, most often dome-like, tall structure on top of a building. Cupolas often serve as a means of ventilation for a structure but can be purely cosmetic as well.Cupolas can also appear as small buildings in their own right. We fabricate custom roof Coupolas out of galvanized steel, copper, painted and bonderized steel.

Chimney Caps

Thompson Metal of Dallas TX makes custom chimney caps

Chimney Caps are very important and are designed to protect your chimney flue from the rain, snow, animals, leaves and other materials that may damage your chimney over time. Chimney Caps are also a great way to eliminate wind induced downdrafts allowing you to enjoy your fire longer. Our Chimney Caps are made from galvanized, bonderized, and kynar pre-painted steel or stainless steel and copper.


Adapters are part of the custom fabrications by thompson metal in dallas texas

Adapters are used to transition from different sized downspouts. Downspout adapters are used to change the shape of the downspout where it attaches to another pipe. We can make square to round or a larger diameter to a smaller diameter.