Sheer equipment used at Thompson Metal of Dallas TX

An essential for any metal shop, our Pneumatic Sheer enables us to make precision cuts with speed and ease. With an adjustable back-stop and pneumatically cushioned basket catch, every piece we cut will be precise and every piece will be free of scratches or damages. We also have means of cutting up to 12ga thick steel thanks to our Hydraulic Chicago Sheer.

Roll Former

Roll former equipment at Thompson Metal in Dallas

Roll Formers, are machines that use a series of dies to extrude metal edges into particular forms. Our roll formers allow us to create perfect pipe-lock seems and perfect Pittsburg seems so that joining and seeming metal is easy and painless without the use of fasteners or spot welds.

RAS Turbo Brake

RAS Turbo Equipment at Thompson Metal of TX

Our RAS Turbo Brake is a state-of-the-art CNC programmable brake that is pneumatically operated. Its automated back stop and precision apron allow us to build bulk material for our customers at faster speeds than a traditional brake.

Pipe Seamer

Pipe Seamer equipment at Thompson Metal in Dallas

Custom built for our shop needs, our pipe seamer allows us to effortlessly close pipe-lock seems in seconds. This reduces labor costs and expodites production of downspout. The seeming pole is replaceable and can be swapped out for different styles to seem a variety of pipe ranging from small 2×3 pipes, large round pipe, across the board to custom fluted pipes.

Pan Brake

Pan Brake

Pan Brakes are extremely useful when braking metal on perpendicular axis. These brakes enable us to create tall lipped pans with ease. With adjustable fingers that can be moves, added, and subtracted, our Pan Brake is our most versatile piece of bending equipment available.


Thompson Metal of Dallas has the machines and equipment to do a variety of custom work

Our 21′ long JORNS Hydraulic Brake gives us capabilities not found in any other shop in the area. This machine enables us to create long runs of metal up to 21′ in length. This helps to reduce seems in the field and expedites installation times. With a hydraulic slitter included in the machinery, slitting down pieces to exact measurements is no problem.

Hand Brake

Hand Brake Equipment at Thompson Metal in Dallas Texas

The hand brake is the quintessential tool for a sheet metal shop. It is an essential tool for creating bends and angles on material with ease and precision. We have a complete set up of multiple hand brakes including: two 10′ brakes, two 4′ foot brakes, and multiple finger brakes.

Gutter Extruder

Gutter Extruder

Gutter Extrusion enables perfect lengths of gutter to be ran without the concern for seems to become visible. Seamless gutter is now the standard in residential gutter and we provide a variety of styles to ensure we have what our customers are looking for. We have the capability of extruding 5″ and 6″ OG gutters as well as 6″ Half-Round gutter. We run copper, Paintgrip, and galvanized materials and can run customer supplied Aluminum.


Decolier Equipment

Decoiler’s enable us to effortlessly cut off lengths from coils in order to fabricate to customer specified dimensions. Thanks to its useful sheer and automated rollers, it also enables us to cut small blanks off of coil quickly and efficiently.