Wall and Roof Panels

custom fabricated roof and wall panels

Panels are an attractive option to cover the walls and roofs of a building. Panels are a durable and supportive non-structural coverings that are easy to remove if modifications are needed and easy to replace if damage occurs. Panels are used in both wall and roofing applications and can be built to specifications. We are able to build up to 20′ long sections of paneling and are able to fabricate custom panels for turrets, domes, and towers.


Flashing is commonly a run of metal used to stop water from penetrating junctions of a roof with another surface. Flashing is found in many areas such as chimneys, skylights, eaves, valleys, ridges, and much more. We are able to create custom flashing for any specific project or need. We can build from a large assortment of materials to most specifications.


Custom fabricated coping is available at Thompson Metal in Dallas, TX

Coping Cap is the metal material that makes up the top surface of a parapet wall, or other extended wall, above the primary roof or structure. Commonly this is built with a cleat that is installed in the substrate to anchor and catch the cap to it. Cover plates are common as well to hide the joints and give a clean finished look to the project.