Half Round Outlets

Round Outlet

Outlets provide an exit point for water to flow down and out of gutter. Half-round outlets factor in the curve of the gutter to make sure it is a perfect fit in the gutter as it drops into the downspout.


Wire Strainer

We keep a large stock of essential gutter components for most gutter systems. We carry a variety of hangers, endcaps, outlets, miters, screens, ferules, gutter spikes, and more. We sell these components in galvanized, bonderized, and copper to match they gutter and downspouts we carry in stock.


Half Round gutter system accessories are available at Thompson Metal

Hangers are the means of holding the gutter to the roof line so that it is able to perform its function. They come in a variety of styles based on the mounting needs related to the home. Half-round hangers can be mounted directly onto the facia, on rafter tails, or on roof decking. 

Half Round Endcaps

Half Round Endcap

Endcaps are placed on the end of a gutter run to prevent water from flowing off the end of gutter instead of out of an outlet. Half-round endcaps are not left right specific and can be used on either end of a gutter run.