Painted Steel

Our steel can be painted in a variety of colors

At Thompson Metal, we can paint steel in a large variety of colors to fit any need or project.

Stainless Steel

Order stainless steel sheets from Thompson Metal of TX

Stainless Steel is a common name for metal alloys that consist of 10.5% or more Chromium (Cr) and more than 50% Iron (Fe). Although it is called “stainless”, a better term for it is “highly stain resistant” and “water resistant”. A somewhat dark metal, it looks bright because it reflects light. It is commonly used in kitchen applications.


Copper sheets can be order at thompson metal TX

Copper is a ductile, malleable, non-magnetic metal with a characteristic bright reddish brown color. Copper resists corrosion ordinarily caused by exposure to the atmosphere. When exposed to the weather, it changes in color, slowly passing through shades of brown to green.

Paint Grip Metal

Paintgrip Metal

Bonderized steel, otherwise known as paintgrip, is chemically processed galvanized steel. It is zinc coated by the hot-dip process then coated with a phosphate or bonderized chemical treatment that enhances paint adhesion and finish. Please note that due to the differences in the chemical process, it’s color will vary from a light gray to a dark black. When using this metal without painting it, it is wise to purchase all the product from one vendor if your customer desires a match on all the material.

Galvalume Metal

You can order galvalume steel sheets at Thompson Metal in Dallas

Galvalume steel sheet combines the excellent barrier corrosion protection of aluminum with the galvanic protection of zinc. The result is a coating that lasts a long time, a coating that provides cut-edge protection along sheared edges, and therefore, a coating that offers excellent protection to steel sheet.

Galvanized Metal

You can get galvanized metal in sheets and coils from thompson metal in Texas

All our galvanized steel is G-90 grade for exterior architectural use. G90 is a galvanized coating that offers a superior corrosion resistance. This is useful for roofing, guttering, and HVAC applications.

Cold Rolled Steel

Cold roll steel

To meet the various end use requirements, cold-rolled sheet products are designed to provide specific attributes such as high formability, deep drawability, high strength, high dent resistance, good magnetic properties, enamelability, and paintability.


aluminum sheets available at thompson metal in dallas

um is an easily fabricated silvery appearing metal used for roofing, flashing, guttering, and numerous other architectural applications. It may be left in its natural state ( mill finish) where it will weather to a uniform gray or special alloys can be anodized to obtain attractive colors of gray, black, bronze, or amber color.