Soldering tools

We are a distributor of Perkeo and Tinners supplies for all your soldering needs. We carry complete portable soldering units, a variety of solders, irons, flux, and more.

Rivets and Fasteners

Rivets and Fasteners

Rivets and Fasteners secure metal either to itself or to a substrate. We carry an assortment of steel, copper, and aluminum rivets as well as guns to drive them. We also carry hex screw fasteners and the drives for them.


We offer a variety of Lufkin and Empire rulers for your next project

Measurement tools that provide precise markings and strait edges to ensure accurate lengths and lines.


malco and irwin metal snips are available at Thompson Metal in Dallas texas

Snips, also known as tin snips, tinner snips, and shears, are hand tools specifically designed for cutting sheet metal. Tin snips look similar to ordinary scissors; however, they are much sturdier and allow control for precise cutting. We carry an assortment of brands and styles for whatever sheet metal project you need.

Seamers & Folders

Seemers and folder tools are available at thompson metal in dallas texas

Seemers are an essential tool for metalworkers as they allow for precision bends and folds when working in the field or in the shop. They also are a reliable tool for applying even pressure when closing a seam run. Folders are another essential item because they enable large bends over long spans without the need for a break.

Hammers and Mallets

hammers and mallets available at Thompson Metal in Dallas

We carry specialized hammers for metal working that are a must for any metal workers tool bag. These hammers have specifically forged heads and peins for use in sheet metal giving comfort, performance and durability.

Crimpers and Notchers

crimpers and notchers

Tools that can help form or stamp metal with ease. They make installation or fabrication easier and faster and are an essential work both in the shop or in the field.

Clamps & Vices

clamps and vices available at thompson metal in dallas texas

Tools that allow fabricators to hold pieces together while permanently securing together pieces using fasteners, spot welds, or solder.

Awls, Scribes, and Wings

Awls and Scribes are available tools at thompson metal

These are tools that are effective at punching and marking metal to indicate where to cut, brake, or layout on patterns. They come in a variety of sizes and styles.