Logo for Thompson Mathis of Dallas, Texas

Meet the Team

Our loyal team of craftsmen are proud to produce quality sheet metal products for our customers. We know “Everybody Needs A Piece of Metal” and we want to provide it for you.

Elizabeth Mathis (1996) CEO, President
Gerardo Garcia (2001) Sheet Metal Fabricator
Adan Arellano (2001) Elbow Manufacturer
Ignacio Diaz (2002) Sheet Metal Fabricator
Bulmaro Benitez (2002) Sheet Metal Fabricator
Jeff Marshall (2007) Lead Sheet Metal Layout/Designer/Fabricator
Jeremy Redman (2010) Operations Manager
Gilbert Lopez (2013) Sheet Metal Fabricator, Driver
Nick Reynolds (2013) Sales Representative
Adolfo Orduna (2020) Downspout Fabricator
Luis Rodriguez (2021) Elbow Manufacturer