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Measurement tools that provide precise markings and strait edges to ensure accurate lengths and lines.
We offer a variety of Lufkin and Empire rulers for your next project

Circumference Ruler

This video is a demonstration of one of our workers using a Circumference Ruler. These rulers are 4′ in length and provide very useful information on the back side for use in making circular calculations. This is why they get the name circumference rulers.


Ensuring a precise angle is important, protractors are a great way to ensure accuracy during manufacturing. With an adjustable angle arm, these tools give quick and easy measurements to ensure bends are right where they need to be.

Speed Squares

This video is a demonstration of one of our workers using a Framers know their way around a Speed Square and metal workers are no different. Speed squares allow for quickly and accurately transcribing pitch angles and degree measurements when laying out patterns. These tools save time and provide reliable information. Here is a demonstration of laying out evenly spaced angled lines with ease.

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