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We are a distributor of Perkeo and Tinners supplies for all your soldering needs. We carry complete portable soldering units, a variety of solders, irons, flux, and more.
Soldering tools

Hand Soldering

Hand Soldering is a traditional method of applying solder. Unlike our Perkeo Units, there is not a constant flame on the soldering tips. Instead, these tips are placed in furnaces to keep them hot. The advantage of using hand soldering irons is that it gives greater mobility and range without concerning for the hose line that is attached to a Perkeo Unit. Here is a brief demonstration of hand soldering in action.

Perkeo Soldering System

Perkeo Soldering Systems are a complete mobile soldering set up. These systems allow a constant stream of flame to heat the soldering iron. Fueled by propane that is fed through a durable hose line, Perkeo torches are great for soldering in the field when in furnace to heat hand irons just isn’t an option. This video provides a quick demonstration of one in action.

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