Flat Top Outlets


Outlets provide an exit point for water to flow down and out of gutter. They serve as a junction between the gutter and the downspout and create a shape that can receive the downspout that connects to the gutter.


OG gutter screen

We keep a large stock of essential gutter components for most gutter systems. We carry a variety of hangers, endcaps, outlets, miters, screens, ferules, gutter spikes, and more. We sell these components in galvanized, bonderized, and copper to match they gutter and downspouts we carry in stock.

Hidden Hangers

5" and 6" hidden hangers

K-style gutters are able to utilize hidden hangers which are installed inside the gutter so as not to be seen once installed.  


Endcaps are placed on the end of a gutter run to prevent water from flowing off the end of gutter instead of out of an outlet. They are specifically made for left or right-side gutter ends.