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Hammers and Mallets

We carry specialized hammers for metal working that are a must for any metal workers tool bag. These hammers have specifically forged heads and peins for use in sheet metal giving comfort, performance and durability.
hammers and mallets available at Thompson Metal in Dallas

Tin Smith Hammers

Specialized hammers are designed to work specifically for sheet metal work and fabrication. Forged angled tails on these hammers make them perfect for puncturing starter holes in metal to prime them for cutting. Their specialized faces are level to allow for accurate alignment of stacked metals. They are forged to be durable enough to hammer down rivets to create a smooth button on the back end of a fastener. Here is a quick demonstration of one in action.

Seeming Mallets

Sometimes we need to close seems by hand. When the job calls for this, wooden mallets serve as a very useful tool. They are able to provide sufficient force to close seams without damaging or scarring the metal.

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